Join Asa with Source Vibrations for a guided full moon meditation every month on Source Vibrations YouTube channel. Experience the subtle power of a shared intention.

Relax and explore your inner world within the container of a virtual group. During this meditation you will be guided through the inner realms of mind, soul and spirit. Bring your prayerful intentions to the field of love and healing WE create together.

What to expect

Guided Inductions: Using techniques from hypnotherapy, Asa guides listeners into a deep state of relaxation where healing and change more readily occur.
Frequency Assisted Music: Gentle ambient music is composed live for these sessions. Binaural beat frequencies, clinically shown to beneficially impact brainwave states, help listeners go deeper.

Collective Intentions: When many people join together for the purpose of healing and change, the power of our individual intentions are greatly enhanced. In these sessions we’re creating optimal conditions for deep healing and evolutionary advancement.While the moon is full, many people feel connected to the inner, psychic or intuitive dimensions of their being.

The full moon represents a time when the light of the sun or conscious mind, is in direct connection to the lunar or unconscious mind. In this way, we can think of the full moon as a time when the veil between the reasoning mind and the automatic mind is most permeable, giving us an opportunity to make major life changes and evolutionary advancements more easily. When many people are sitting down together in order increase love’s presence in the world, this intention is amplified.

Please join us.
For dates visit the events page. These events are always free. If you’re inspired to make a contribution, you can offer your gratitude and support by donating. We greatly appreciate your generosity. Donate here with PayPal.

Full moon meditations are posted on the evening of the full moon between 6-8pm Mountain time. Subscribe to the Source Vibrations youtube channel to receive notifications on your mobile device. 

You can also visit the Full Moon Meditation playlist on YoutTube: Here