Brainwave Entrainment

Cosmic Shores ~ 432Hz Delta Meditation

Powerful things happen when your brain makes delta waves while you’re awake.

Delta patterns are associated with deep dreamless sleep, so when your brain is making delta patterns, chances are you're unconscious. Most of us won't ever experience delta waves as our dominant brainwave state, but, with a bit of state training, it’s possible to produce delta brainwave patterns while staying awake to it.

Non-ordinary states of consciousness can lead to spiritual and developmental growth. Delta states are incredibly nourishing.

Some of the benefits of delta state-training are:

  • Brain rejuvenation
  • Decreased cortisol levels (stress hormones)
  • Increased melatonin (to get a better night's sleep)
  • Integration of parts of the unconsciousness 

Cosmic Shores is a powerful 1 hour delta binaural meditation ~ originally released as a full moon meditation on YouTube. Tuned to the Verdi A = 432Hz. Stereo headphones are required for the brainwave entrainment program. 

How to use this track - Stereo headphones are required.

Because delta brainwaves correspond to deep sleep, this track can be used to help you fall asleep. Simply listen in bed with headphones with your eyes closed.

As a tool for meditation: Listen in an upright, comfortable, seated position with closed eyes. Early morning listening is recommended, but experiment and see what time of day is best for you.

It can take several days to a week before you begin to experience awake awareness while listening to this track. You may notice yourself drifting or dozing off. Some find it helpful to focus your concentration on an object of meditation such as counting your breaths or a mantra.

Over time your brain will adjust, becoming more adept at relaxing into delta while maintaining conscious awareness. Practice patience and consistency. Good things take time.