We Dreamt ~ 8 Hour Lucid Dreaming Sleep Session

Our brains go through several cycles every night. After falling asleep, we go back and forth between deep dreamless sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) several times. During REM, the brain dreams. Signals are sent throughout the various regions in a symphony of data. The eyes move back and forth behind the lids as images parade through our visual centers and our memories from the day are integrated into long term storage.

By stimulating the brain in specific ways, its natural cycles can be accentuated, allowing us to sleep deeper and dream more vividly. In this session, the peaks and troughs of the music fall on intervals where REM and deep dreamless sleep occur. At periods of peak activity, warm pads rise to the surface accompanied by aural liquiescences that subtly cue consciousness to awaken in the dream. With practice, and a pair of good headphones (preferably the kind that cover the ears), this track can gradually help you develop the capacity to lucid dream.

 An acoustic aid to help you lucid dream

We Dreamt is designed using brainwave entrainment audio and musical cues synchronized to fit key REM cycles in order to help you regain consciousness while you dream. Note: Sleeping with headphones on may take some getting use to, but once you do your brain will be anchored to the music. With enough repetition, you might find that you can listen to this track without headphones and still entrain to its cycles. Try working with this track for a couple of weeks before graduating to listening through speakers.


Coordinating music to our natural REM cycles allows us to weave a thread of our awakened state into our dream state.