NEW RELEASE: Deep Sound Healing ~ 432Hz Theta Binaural Meditation ~ Transcending Trauma

Sound offers a powerful resource for healing and self development. Through the use of neuro-acoustics (the use of sound to impact brainwave patterns) there’s a significant potential to access states of consciousness where deep healing can occur. In this 2hr session we take a journey into the theta state. Also referred to “the twilight state”, theta states can provide an opportunity to release old emotional material. Surrounded by a warm harmonic sound bed tuned to the Verdi A=432Hz this audio program will nourish and support your self-care, meditation and self-healing practices.


Experience the full session here.

To receive the benefits of the brainwave entertainment program you’ll want to listen on stereo heaphones. Additionally, you might also enjoy listening through speakers to have full body, vibro-acoustic experience.

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