Thank you for your interest in publishing with SVM. Our mission is to encourage a culture of conscious media, offering content that provides support and nourishment to the evolutionary intention of our listeners. We seek to be valued partners offering, catalytic, inspirational and life-affirming resources, delivered with beauty and care. We are happy to consider your unsolicited submissions for publication. We are dedicated to giving each person’s work a genuine review, and offer feed-back when possible. We are interested in discovering new material in the form of music, meditation and personal development audio programs, spoken-word, and multi-media.How to Submit Your Work

  1. Read the guidelines and FAQs below.
  2. If you are a promoter, music artist’s representative, or a published musician, please send your inquiry on our contact page.
  3. If you are not an agent or published musician, prepare your proposal in the form of a digital press-kit.
  4. Perform the blessing ritual of your choice (optional).
  5. Email your submission to: Source Vibrations Media through our contact form

Content Guidelines

Music: At SVM, we believe that when heartfelt intentions  are powerfully imprinted on a creative work,  it is enriched with an indelible quality.  From this view we will carefully consider the energetic signature and over arching message of your submission. We welcome your music, offering our virtual platform to present your soulful, impactful and beautiful expressions to the world. We want to encourage you as artists to incorporate mindfulness practices into your compositions in whatever ways that are authentic to your inspiration, including  the use of the Verdi A = 432Hz tuning, conscious lyrics, or practices of sound healing.

Although we are primarily seeking to publish completed projects, our A & R staff is also dedicated to working with artists who show exceptional potential in reaching their creative vision, providing assistance to finalize your album.

We have a special appreciation for ambient, sound healing, new-age, neoclassical and down-tempo dance genres, but we are interested in receiving submissions from other genres as well. Our challenge (and I hope you feel similarly) is to explore the uncharted edge of music, remaining alert to emergent ideas, while maintaining a connection to the aesthetics of a broader audience. The future of music is exciting territory and we hope to play a part in its unfolding, by encouraging innovation. We are especially interested the in the ways that technology is applied to music in new or meaningful ways.

Meditation and Personal Development Audio: We welcome meditation audio programs that provide support for meditative state training and mindfulness practices. We’re also interested in publishing podcasts on the topics of spirituality, meditation and transformative practices, exploring consciousness, mind-body health and healing, self-empowerment, and integral philosophy. We have an abiding interest in brainwave entrainment audio programs, guided meditations, trans-personal hypnosis sessions, and sound vibration threatments.

Multimedia: Sometimes an artists or presenters’ material is best conveyed through multimedia. We want to offer our digital media viewership the best content available. To us this means the fullest expression of your depth, joined with quality and grace. With this goal in mind we are interested in receiving digital media submissions for streaming or downloading. Your video submissions can be informational, instructional, for entertainment or immersive meditative experiences.

With digital streaming and social media becoming more prevalent, and given the impact that media can have on viewers, we encourage our partners to offer promotional videos, music videos, live recorded venues and interviews.

If you’re submitting video, we ask that you make your video submissions using dropbox links sent through email.

Proposal Guidelines

Audio, DVD, and multimedia product proposals should include a description and outline of the proposed content, a sample of the audio and/or video material, your biographical information, publishing history, and publicity platform, including your event schedule, average number of attendees, and website and social media statistics, if applicable. A professional audio recording is preferred. If you have self-published your material, please include your sales to date and links to the distribution channels.

Music proposals must include a completed master recording on CD, a description of yourself and your music, your touring schedule, and, when applicable, information about the specific spiritual, healing methods, or benefit orientation of the music, including any special composition or production techniques you employ.

Thank you again for your interest in joining Source Vibrations Media’s mission to inspire, support, and serve conscious culture. We look forward to hearing from you. Please send all submissions to : [email protected]

with love,

SVM Acquisitions